A2 Art

Sorry it has been a while, but it’s good to be back!

For the last few months I’ve been wrapped up in all sorts of school work and exams so this blog has been quite neglected. The transition between AS, exams and A2 at college has been hard to negotiate thus far, but over the holidays I hope to find my feet again. Originally, this blog started off as a school project, but I now intend to use this blog to enrich my school work as I enter my second year of art in college.

I hope to use this blog to write about different artists I have found, things I have collected and places I have visited. Eventually, I’d like to introduce some of my own work and, later so, some of my own photography (when I have a proper camera). I plan to write here in support of my coursework and, hopefully, it’ll be something noteworthy to examiners- so they can see inside the wacky world in my head, or something.

The new “era” of this blog, as it were, is something I look forward to seeing progress over the next year. Hopefully it’ll be a place where I can gather thoughts and reflect upon my work and I hope it’ll prove valuable over the next year.

I look forward to sharing this arty venture with you all.



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