Urbex Beauty in Decay

Urbex Beauty in Decay is a project which uncovers hidden and abandoned gems which we’ve all been forced to accept will never be seen again. It opens up the imagination and mind to the world behind the closed doors of old buildings and establishments which we all crave to know what hides behind them. They describe it as opening “a rift in our collected experience” and their actions as throwing “new light on the boundaries we’ve all been forced to accept”. They photograph such places and publish them online and in books.

I think the project is hauntingly brilliant. It’s wholly intriguing and something of which I find great interest. I love how they’re “debunking” the mysteries that surround old buildings. I love how the photographer has thought of the buildings in a sympathetic way leaving “only footsteps” and subsequently not destroying the untouched, yet previously inhabited, buildings. The photographer has used only the natural light available to them in their photographs which portrays honesty. Some of the compositions are quite moving or hauntingly melancholic- it puts a unique perspective on the piece. The pieces are uninhabited.


I feel inspired by the piece to look closely at pushing the boundaries of social art- without overstepping them. The people behind this project seem to be exposing the world behind the closed doors of old buildings which I believe is exciting and something that’s sort of “rebellious”. It’s as though we’re not meant to see the untouched, ghostly shells of human life that remain. It’s as though it’s kept secret and only inhabited by freely growing plants.






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