Tate Shots: Antony Gormely

Sir Antony Gormley, OBE is a British sculptor. He’s the mastermind behind many iconic sculptures, for example (perhaps most famously) the Angel of the North (erected in February 1998). He’s famous for other works such as “Event Horizon” (premiered all over the world from 2007, London to Hong Kong, 2015-2016) and  “Another Place” (Crosby Beach, Liverpool). His work is so effortlessly versatile spanning from small scale sculptures up to giant towering pieces which stand on hills or in large gallery spaces.
The Angel Of The North

In this episode of Tate Shots we’re treated to a look around Gormley’s studio. He shows the viewer around his studio whilst talking through how his figure pieces are made. He talks in detail about negative and positive moulds and shapes used within his work. He explains how his early work, often made from lead is less effective, he feels, at exploring space in his work. He believes sculptures are collaborative pieces of work.


CLOUD CHAIN, 2012I love and admire Gormley’s passion for his art form. I love how his work, especially his later work, is sensitive  in it’s use of space (both positive and negative). Each piece is so meticulously planned out and exquisitely produced by him and a team of others. I like how effective the use of media is in his work and how he uses it to capture bodies that aren’t physically there. His earlier work is less “solid” than his earlier work as it focused more solely on the positive space. His pieces are often large scale which coincides perfectly with his sympathetic use of space and light.

MODEL, 2012

I am inspired by Gormley to look closely and observe the use of space and scale in mine and others work. I also should look at how I use negative and positive space in my work before creating pieces as it can bring pieces together nicely.

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